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Time heals all wounds. Okay- it allows for digestion. The last 3 weeks were like sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner and eating until it is so uncomfortable you have to undo your pants. Aside from forced vomiting, nothing but time can make you feel better. That is how I have dealt with the fact that I like to defeat odds and need further specialized treatment. Time.

At Mayo last week we came up with a comprehensive, integrative, and hopeful plan to target the new disease. As my Radiation Oncologist stated, “It is a big treatment Failure. We have not seen anything like it.”

Modern Medicine

Plan of action:

1. SBRT- Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for 10 sessions starting soon. It delivers precise, high doses of radiation to the tumor. It is equivalent of 25 sessions of IMRT (my previous radiation) in the 10 sessions of SBRT. The side effects are going to be mostly to the sternum (no more contact sports… darn) and to my skin (blistering, lesions, sunburn, spider veins, etc.).

-Our goal is to shrink the tumors to relieve my pain and keep the lymphoma settled.

2. After radiation join a clinical trail testing the effectiveness of a drug that activates the immune system to fight off the cancer. Clinical trails are never a guarantee and the process to get in is very long and tedious.

Many have questioned if removal of disease via surgery is possible? Yes, I too had a dream that they sliced me open started to scrap it out. Well turns out that my Hematologist thought about it, but since there is so much fibrosis and scar tissue intermingling with the lymphoma cells it is impossible. I really need some of those vital organs in my chest.

Holistic Medicine

The day after I returned from Mayo I went to meet with a Ayurvedic expert to gather knowledge of a more holistic approach to care. I have been very pensive lately thinking of all the possible ways I can approach a holistic health plan. I considered all the “I cure cancer diets” (the Gerson diet, macrobiotic diet, and keytogenic diet), and I just don’t think harsh changes of eliminating certain foods is the right thing to do. I am intrigued by each one and see how they could work for some. Right now I am more focused on connecting mind, spirit, and body. That is where Ayurveda comes in.

This ancient Indian health system combines all elements and can work cohesively with modern medicine. There is no all or nothing. And for now there are still lots of options for me and modern medicine. Now if it comes to a point where all efforts have been exhausted then you will find me in some remote place getting 5 coffee enemas a day.

1. To start via the recommendation from my Hematologist and Ayurvedic NP get a reverse osmosis water system installed in home.

2. Eat all organic (since I don’t buy/consume alcohol this makes buying organic a little more feasible, but it does put a damped in the pocket-book… the price is well worth it!)

3. Limit cold/raw foods to sooth the digestive system.

4. If I can digest milk, buy non homogenized milk. Have only at night with spices and warm.

5. Maintain a morning routine of drinking a glass of hot water, scrapping the tongue (apparently your tongue can tell you a lot about your health), messaging the body with coconut oil (letting it sit for 15 min), do yoga, meditate, shower, then eat and have tea.

6. Take an herbal blood cleansing and digestive cleansing regiment.

7. Overall, my vata is out of balance and do all things to get this dosha back into alignment

It is an adventure to see how the modern and holistic ways can combine into one integrative approach. There has been a lot of advancement at major medical institutions, but honestly it is all done internally. Start from within and understand your body is interconnected to everything you put into it. Garbage in = Garbage out (yeah I learned that in Economics). The body is a temple.