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Results. The mass is gone. The big tumor in my chest cavity has been beaten. On the other hand, the biopsy results came back today for the peculiar chest reactions after radiation. The biopsy is cancerous. Round two fighting Large Diffused B Cell Lymphoma biathches!

It is as if my old tumor burped and now the cancer is growing like a halo around my sternum. There is no bone involvement which is good! I will head to Mayo later this week to figure out next steps and clinical trails.

I meditated and cleared my mind of all things cancer over the weekend. I did not harbor any anxiety waiting for the results today. When I heard the news over the phone I just let myself react with tears. Just like last year, Patty (mom) had left my loft just 10 minutes before the call. She called me to tell me about directions and at that moment I couldn’t get the words out. Silence. She soon was at my door step. Hugs and ‘wolf pack’ time was the most comforting in the moment. Sarah, Jenna, Kristine, mom and I just relished in the moment and went through the emotions. Nothing is new. There is no pain I can’t take. I am not living in the future. I am living in the now. Drew and I are just so happy being us in our new loft and looking forward to the small pleasures.