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A few days back I wrote about applying for jobs with cancer. I am starting out my career, but with a whole new perspective.

Upon Googling myself about a month ago I found that my cancer life is available for any employer to see. I pondered for a long time if I should battle to take the sites down and no longer post about my experiences and real life.

I came to the conclusion that this notion of having to hide my life due to my illness is absurd! How can we live in such an unrealistic society?

I really want to be a productive member of my community. My skills are just dying to be put to work!

I had dinner with my in-laws the other night and they mentioned that I would be better off explaining the gap in my résumé is due to an addiction and a stint in rehab. You know they might be right.

Why is cancer so scary to employers? Is it the unknown? Is it the time off? Is it the cost? Is it the chemo-brain? Is it lack of understanding or acknowledgement?