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Finishing up a treatment phase is a huge milestone! I often thought to myself I should be doing something for all the staff that has been in my cancer world supporting me through the tough times.

After my last treatment on the books (until my next scan) I made it my mission to come up with unique thank you gifts for my stem cell transplant nurses, the radiation receptionists, and the radiation G-machine team.

I hit up Gander Mountain and Target for my materials

Materials included:

2-Hospital buckets (supplied by the transplant team)

8-Sporks (found at Gander Mountain or REI)

4-Packages of Mints

1- Large bag of assorted candy

3-Packages of frosted seasonal cookies


1-Package of String Stuffing

I started with the stem cell transplant station. Since there were at least 20+ people caring for me over the 20 days I was on their service I grouped together some candy and cookies. Who doesn’t love sweets?!

Next was the radiation receptionists. They have this bell one rings when they are finished with radiation. I DID NOT ring it. I felt it would jinx me. The plague above the bell describes the concept:

 Instead I took the saying as an inspiration for a card.

Sticking with the ‘who doesn’t like sweets’ theme this was the end product for the faces of daily radiation:

Finally, the radiation G-Machine Team was in need of something really cool. I love sporks! I think they are the coolest thing, and I give them to everyone. I thought it would be the perfect start.

Then I used some tricks of the trade in dealing with cancer and radiation. Mints! They passed the minutes under the beam. 

And of course more sweets! Final radiation Team G-Machine thank you gift:

So when you are nearing then end of a treatment cycle find some inspiration and kill some time saying Thanks!!