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I was going to take control of this situation real fast. We planned a special day at the salon to mark this devastating moment. My 3 sisters, mom, aunt, and girlfriends gathered around as I said peace out to my hair. 

Note to those considering donating:

Donate before your first round of chemo. Don’t wait like me because your hair might not be of use.

My hip new hair…

…only lasted 9 days.

I was sitting across the table from Drew and he said, “You’re thinning bad.”

I didn’t want it to be true, but those strands were coming out FAST!

It felt like spiders crawling all over the back of my neck.

Note to those about to lose their hair:

Be prepared for scalp pain-like you have worn your hair up in a pony all day or like someone is pulling on it.

I was going to take control of this situation real fast. Time to shave it off.

Tip and tricks for shaving:

1. Use a garbage sack with a slit for your head to keep from getting hair everywhere

2. Make an event with family and friends to have them cut some of your hair.

3. Cut bulk off in sections

4. Shave after

Note: Hair loss will occur first in your part and shaving doesn’t hurt. 

The greatest fear of all for a young woman with freshly coping with a cancer diagnoses: losing those precious locks that define femininity.  The first moment I was alone in the hospital after the news was at 4:30 AM New Years Day.  I remember thinking of only losing my hair and bawling-yup the ugly-face cry until my mom came at 5 AM.  “What about my hair?”

“Well Kate let’s not jump to conclusions”

“It’s just so long…”

Only weeks later it was time to cut it and donate it to Locks of Love.

Don’t be afraid to be bald– cry, take ownership, and then thank those that ask why your bald.  Admire questions as they don’t show ignorance: it is a time to raise awareness and show that you own this bug within you.