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Pre-Stem Cell Transplant Hair—Post Transplant Day 100 Hair

Chemotherapy takes hair away, but time brings it back!

Some tips and tidbits about regrowth I have come to realized lately—

1. Your hair is most likely going to fall out whether you believe it or not.

2. It will grow back- most likely 6 to 7 weeks after your last round of chemotherapy.

3. When it does let it grow through all the ugly stages.

4. Make an appointment with a hair stylist that is familiar with hair regrowth because if you’re anything like me you’re probably not familiar with starting fresh-recommend documenting the stages for your stylist’s professional book.

5. Get some great product and buy that first comb to tame those few coveted strands.

6. Growth shampoo and conditioner stimulate the follicles for faster results. I have been using L’ANZA Healing Nourish for the last 2 weeks and my head has filled in a lot.

Getting use to the ‘ugly’ stage of hair regrowth

7. They say your hair will be different than it was. Mine is way softer.

8. People will touch your head.

9. Pick a natural part and start taming your strands that way. I tend to do the Bieber swipe to the right.

10. Your hair will grow a 1/2 inch a month, so get those Pinterest boards started with short hair styles to rock!