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So I am sure all the prospective volunteers and current folks in PC are doing a bunch of blog reading like I did when I was unsettled or in the process of applying. I thought I would share a recent “When I was in PC story”

I am in the process of buying a home with Drew. He is a country boy and I am a city girl.  So, like most couples we settled on suburbia, but urban living in suburbia. The process is very trying and annoying. I am not totally sold on our pick of suburbia, and when the potential that it won’t work out I hit the Internet in full force researching lofts in the big city. I love the raw city life. The hustle and bustle.

In my Peace Corps days I was one of the lucky volunteers that had the opportunity to live in 5 different housing scenarios. I had some misgivings in some of them, but some of them were absolutely perfect. The problem was I kept thinking that if I moved or had better living scenarios it would solve my aching for all my issues to go away.  You know that nagging feeling that something just isn’t working. So, I moved in with a dear and kind family. Life with my pseudo family was exactly as I wanted it to be.

Since I didn’t have a good experience with my host families as a Peace Corps Trainee I thought why not give it another try as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  All was gravy until Peace Corps pulled the plug on it because of ‘security reasons’. hmm.  Off I moved into a ‘better’ house where I lived alone directly across from my school with a wash machine and a new stove!  I really convinced myself that I would be happy if I had all the fancy amenities.  Boy was I wrong.

Turns out that the house I lived in was a fun party with other volunteers and the place where I would sleep for days–mild form of a depressive state. Not much changed. After a mold problem, broken computer disaster, and an infestation of fleas I reached my boiling point.

Some times when something isn’t right, and you try so hard to make it work it just isn’t meant to be. Is suburbia the right place? We shall see. Not afraid to try.