1. There are no dead ends.

*Will transplant work?

2. This too shall pass.

*Dealing with all the side effects from the high dosage Chemotherapy

3. Everyone has choices.

*Appeasing others

4. Cancer is fascinating.

*Who developed all these crazy drugs and kudos to all that commit their life to this war on cancer.

5. My urine smell like a wet dog

*The BCMU chemo drug.

6.  The closest I’ve been to drunk in 7 months was today?

*The BCMU is based in alcohol. It made me feel like I was still drunk from the night before but x 56.  Major stinging in the face like you dove into a lake and all the water went up the nose and down the back of your throat.

7. Benadryl is a cure all.

8. Mask wearing is crappy, sweaty, and completely necessary.

*Dealing with my new normal.

9. House hunters passes hours upon hours in the hospital.  

10.  Humility in people is inspiring.

*My hematologist stopped by. He is genuine and genius.