1. ‘First and foremost I would like to extend my utmost support and empathy for what you are going through at this time.’ – If you have nothing to say or don’t know what to say start with this.

2. ‘You look beautiful.  Did you do that for yourself or for someone else?’- It nice when more thoughtful and simple questions, not assuming ones, are asked.

3. ‘I can’t tell you how proud I am of your strength and courage…you are remarkable and have an amazing family on top of it all.’- Yes, the cancer survivor/patient gets a lot attention, rightfully so, but families need recognition for all that they experience.

4. ‘Please know that you are in my thoughts for a speedy and powerful recovery.’ – As the recovery process ensues many people find it hard to think of new positive things to say, use this for something new.

5. ‘You give the rest of us hope and courage!’ – Replace anything religious with this statement if you are unsure of the person’s religious affiliations.