My PET Scan and Chemo Round 5 just passed like a flash. Before Chemo we always have a visit with the doc and get the results of the test. PET Scans read like the weather. The radioactive glucose highlights all of the active cancer cells. So, just like a storm, the red spots indicate the most severe activity and less active cells are indicated in yellow, blue, and purple. The scan also shows the size of the mass.

Going into the results we wanted to see no ‘hot spots’ at all. My results indicated that the cancer is still present, but shrinking. The coloring was rated at a 20 in January, a 12 in March, and an 8 today. The overall size has diminished greatly from January to now. So, this means that yes the chemo is working, but it is not working as we expected or as fast as we wanted.

Moving forward will entail final round of Chemo in 3 weeks. Three weeks after the last round I will have another PET Scan. If there are ‘hot spots’ present I will have another biopsy. The biopsy will be like the last with another thoracic surgery but more difficult because the mass is much smaller. The biopsy will be necessary to determine if the cancer is active because there is a good chance that the cells are dead and still visible. If the biopsy comes back positive radiation is on the horizon.

There are a lot of ‘ifs’ going on here. Being the crazy planner that I am, I really wanted to get back to DC to start school in May. All things are a go as of right now. Living life and dealing with the ‘ifs’ as they come is the new plan.

So, as I nurse my 5th Chemo hangover I am not disappointed by the results. I am confident that those stubborn cells will be gone… eventually. It just might cost me a small fortune in plane tickets, time spent Mayo’ing, and more time in Minnesota. (I think my mom is a little happy about the last one 😉 )