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On Tuesday, April 10, 2012 I was invited to speak at St. Cloud State University. My older sister, Sarah, was involved in a project to seek out a local organization and question its effectiveness.  Coincidentally, she was placed with the American Cancer Society (ACS).  Feeling well enough, I accepted to share my story and my thoughts on organizations such as the ACS.  Of course this was first time in a long time speaking in front of people and, of course, I talked too long.

Essentially, I wanted to challenge the group’s finding that ACS is really effective in its delivery of services.  At no time during all of my hospital stays and treatment did ACS and its services reach me.  Yes, there was a pamphlet but in all the madness and stress did we think to reach out to them.  I think the challenge falls upon us young people to start thinking of newer and innovative ways to operate such organizations.  I thank my sister who recognized this and wanted to share our story as one to inspire such thoughts.  She was the one who first recognized the shortfall of targeting those who don’t directly fall into the targeted range and wants to change the system.  Go get’em Sarah!

It was really nice to be back on a college campus.  The warmth of the sun heated my bald little head while I strutted around looking for the classroom.  Student booths, hippies playing hacky sack, girls in Ugg Boots and sweatshirt, guys in flip flops (it was 45 degrees) and shorts brought me right back to Duluth and my days in college.  So, as I sit here in Duluth (we took a little vacation!) on a crisp morning with the fog horn hailing the ships into the harbor, I wanted to step outside of my box and share the video