As the G Unit (my grandparents) so eloquently noticed (NOT!) I haven’t lost a ton of weight.  A couple of weeks ago, at first site since a hospital visit, Gpa chimed in with, “Kate, you don’t look like you’ve lost weight.” Gma: “Isn’t that the devil’s play.” Things you don’t say to a cancer patient!!!  My response, “IT IS GOOD I HAVEN’T because undergoing Chemotherapy it is not ‘healthy’ to lose a lot of weight!”  I am maintaining a positive 134 pounds. And that is 13 pounds down to be exact since hospital stay one (Grad school got the best of me).  Isn’t that the biggest cliché of it all: Society puts so much emphasis on looks and weight that is the first thing to comment on. Wow.

Anyways, my daily diet is a battle I deal with constantly.  What foods are good for me? What foods have the least pesticides? What foods won’t upset my stomach after Chemo? What foods are available to me? What foods don’t make my sore-filled mouth taste and smell like baby-poo?

After many attempts and many hours on the toilet paying the price for ‘just trying’, I have cut out all spicy, fried, cheesy, and oil based foods.  This saddens me because I love ethnic foods, and being from the Midwest anything rich.  Cheese was my favorite!

After meeting with Mayo dietician about cancer reducing things I can do from here on out, I am doing everything right when it comes to buying lite, reduced fat, and picking the healthier choice. I am more worried about reducing the chemicals in my body than losing any sort of weight. A few questions I asked about:

K: Are artificial sweeteners safe?

R.d: Yes, they are fine to eat.  The studies have not proven they cause cancer. 

K: Should I cut out all animal proteins?

R.d: No, Who told you that? (the G unit did) Animal proteins do not cause cancer.  Eat meat in moderation and supplement with fish.  It is better to not eat processed meat.

K: Should I drink diet pop?

R.d:  You should drink diet pop over regular pop, but don’t overload on it.  (I rarely drink pop anyways… it hurts my insides)

K: What about buying organic?

R.d: It is not necessary to all organic, and, in reality, it is far too expensive.  You should buy organic the Dirty Dozen. 

EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

Dirty Dozen

Buy these organic






Nectarines– imported

Grapes – imported

Sweet bell peppers


10 Blueberries – domestic

11 Lettuce

12 Kale/collard greens

***Reiterated at my last meeting with my Hematologist.  It is something I take seriously.