I’m lying awake in a hotel room in Bucuresti at 2 am wondering why I am here. When I applied and joined Peace Corps I was inspired and looking forward to service. They say that every volunteer joins for different reasons and all of our services cannot be compared. So I’m sitting and pondering my reasons for being here and my service thus far. I have experienced so many different emotions and situations that I am having a hard time keeping them aligned.  Does the good outweigh the bad, or vice versa? Am I committed to service? Am I committed to myself? Are there possibilities for change, and is the light still lit for me?  These are all valid questions I need to answer everyday, but they all come up in different ways. One day there will be a different mix of good and bad, wrong and right, up or down, black or white. It’s just a combination all the time. I think it’s appropriate to continuously reflect on the past, but not dwell on it in the future. Everything can be lessons learned. Stay true to yourself and you know yourself the best. It get’s better. It get’s better.

I’m 24 today!!!