Well it’s the mid of October and here’s where I’m at. We were told that we would experience a wave of emotions during our first months at site, and they were right. I went on another school excursion this time to Maramures. This is a county in northwest Romania.  We visited sites related to Communism. This was a great opportunity for me to visit sites and see new parts of Romania. I feel especially lucky to have been invited on this trip because we again had students and people from Hungary along.  I witnessed a cross cultural exchange among Hungarians and Romanians as we all learned about life during Communism. I came back to site just exhausted, but not in a bad way.  It is a lot of energy to be traveling and constantly be ‘on point’ as I like to put it. Romanians never stop either. All and all I am completely grateful for the experience and all that I got to see and learn. Now a week and a half later I am well rested and ready to finish out the month.  I have had some down and stressful days here, but for every bad hour or day there are two good and exciting days. This is how I keep my mind and focus in the right perspective. Happy October!