School. Feels like my home away from home. I arrived at 7:45 for my 8:00 class with 4c. We had a great time making name tags and reviewing from last year. The students have some adjustments to make with my teaching style and my teaching has to adjust to them. They are not use to saying sentences as a whole class and they silently work on their own. I continuously repeated sentences until all of the students were following along with me. I made a game out of it. We laughed when we would have to start over because someone would stop speaking. So for forty minutes we worked on ‘a’ and ‘an’, ‘have’ and ‘has’, and ‘yes, I can’ and ‘no, I cannot’.  The look on their faces was priceless when I told them to turn their sheets in and the rest was NOT going to be homework.  It is as if they wanted it…Well next time they can have some.  The students are a little shy to speak in class, but as soon as they return back to their class they are raving about it.  So I hear from Lavinia.  Well one class down:Success.  I had a couple of hours between classes, so as always I hang out in the lounge.  This is where you find out the latest and greatest in the world of Romania, drink coffee, eat, and get ready for the next class. To my slight disappointment my next class was canceled.  I really wanted to introduce the optional course ‘American Culture and Civilization’ to the 7th graders.  Oh well next week! and here comes Spaghetti towers to my students. We need to have some team-building activities…OH shoot I just remembered I won’t be here next week… Anyways, I had the opportunity to set up my room with help from Lavinia. It is starting to all come together. The room is 75% ready (I need to add personal touches…colorful posters and quotes), schedule is 95% finalized, and first school trip is a week away.

Arrived home and mashed the potatoes I boiled 2 nights ago.  They wouldn’t really pass as mashed potatoes because my hand started to hurt and I was making too much noise.  So I emptied one of the pickle jars (I ate the rest) and put the ‘mashed’ potatoes in there.  In my fridge I have the potatoes, boiled noodles (6 days old), boiled eggs (2 days old), cooked oatmeal (2 days old), boiled rice (4 hrs old), caramelized onions (2 days old), fresh tomatoes, peppers, lots of onion, condiments, and cheese.  I try to make as many concoctions I possibly can out of this.  So far so good, but the carbs are showing. I spent 2 hours cleaning and hand-washing clothes.  This was extremely therapeutic for me. I rearranged my ‘all in one’ room, made some open space, and de-cluttered.  At the same time I did this to my mind.  I then spent the night making posters for my classroom, creating 10 class-lists on Excel, and enjoying the beautiful fall evening breeze.  Tomorrow is a new day filled with teaching 8A, 5A, 8B, 5B opt, and 4A.

Noapte Buna and Happy Peace Day!!!!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve always imagined” ~Henry David Thoreau