The American food

Recas students arrived for Zilele Dumbraviti

Friday was a very eventful day.  I rushed to get ready and pack my things for the day knowing I wouldn’t return home till late. I arrived at school around 8 to prepare for the festivities.  This weekend was Zilele Dumbraviti, which is the similar to city days.  The school was bustling with activity. We spent a lot of time preparing and planning all the events and the coordination of them all. We planned to have an arts and crafts room, a Smartboard contest, an English Jeopardy competition, a gallery for artists, and food. The stress of starting school and Zilele Dumbravita was wearing thin on all of us.  I was apprehensive when I woke up because I knew how much this meant for the students, Lavinia, Haini, the Mayor, and all the other teachers.  When I walked into the food room I was instantly okay with it all.

The 6th - 8th graders playing Jeopardy

The food we cooked the night before looked great along with the other tables.  We came up with sharing different foods from different cultures present in our school: Romanian, Hungarian, French, and American.  The room looked great! I made a playlist of music from all cultures just to top it off. OKAY DONE in there. Now it was time to get Jeopardy working.  We invited my sitemate’s school to join in on the festivities.  So with help from her and the other English teachers we designed two games of Jeopardy, a game for 6th – 8th graders and one for 3rd-5th graders.  I was concerned they would not understand the

The Romanian food.

directions or the concept of the game, as it was all going to be explained in English.  I spent about an hour and a half preparing the projector and game details.  The students and welcomed guests started to arrive. It was GAME TIME!!  When it was all said and done it was all fabulous!!  The students loved the game and got totally into it.  They were yelling and enjoying each other. The television crew, the newspaper, the Mayor, and many other people visited us while we were playing the game.

Shining on TV in RO.

We had a couple hours between events.  Sara, her counterpart, and I went for lunch at the Timisoreana Restaurant in Victory Square before the Timis county English teachers meeting.  We all spent time reading the menu and ultimately ended sharing a platter full of delicious food. It was great to relax for a little bit.

The Hungarian food

We met up with another volunteer and headed over to the meeting. The meeting started out with meeting some English teachers from different organizations and other schools.  When we ventured down to meet the Inspectorat a teacher who was really happy to meet us approached us.  He started by saying; “we have been waiting for the Americans for 50 years. If my father, bless his heart, were here he would be so happy. They waited for a long time…”  This was not the first time I have heard this.  It always makes me stop and think for a second how still with all the advancements Romania has made, there are so many people who think ‘what if’ the Americans came.  I understand what they mean when by waiting, but in fact Americans have been here 20 years working as Peace Corps Volunteers.  It was kind of ironic that we were about to share about PC and it’s history in RO.  As if it were a great lead-in into our presentation.  The Americans are here! We are going to share skills and teach some English.

Sara and me at the Timisoreana Restaurant

The 3rd - 5th graders in 3 teams playing Jeopardy