Today was the first time I met the English Inspectorat of Timis County.  I was picked up at my school around 11:40 AM.  Sara (My site-mate), Vali, and I made our way into Timisoara to office of the Inspectorat.  When we arrived the office was closed to the public until 1:00 PM.  The lady standing behind the door and glass window told us we would have to wait.  Vali pulled some strings and we met with Inspectorat about 20 minutes later.  I had no clue what to expect of this meeting as it was a spare the minute appointment.

My stomping on the Oreo cooking for the base of the Dirt Pie.

To my delight she’s

The mid-stage for Dirt Pie making

All of the food and our cooking facilities.very enthusiastic and very excited to have us here. We spent some time discussing why we are here and what decisions

got us here.  We talked about how and why we choose to volunteer.  This was very important for her because she wants us to share this at the big meeting with all the English teachers. We left the meeting with a teacher training workshop scheduled and a summer camp in the works.  The Inspectorat wanted us to choose dates for these events right away.  I was a little wary because I am so new that I don’t know what will happen around these times or if something else is going on.  In light of getting use to the teaching system we picked the dates and now have ample time to prepare for them.  The prospect of planning a camp from the very beginning is very exciting.  We get to choose the workshops, the number of students, teachers, volunteers, etc. How fun! I love to plan!  And lastly, at the meeting we the Inspectorat suggested that we made a presentation and have it reading for the big countywide meeting in less than 24 hours.  Sara and I smiled and assured her we would have everything all set.  In our heads were just added it to never ending list of things to do.  Other important things on this list are Zilele Dumbravita, learning Romanian, lesson planning, cleaning, and integration.

The highlight of my day was going to the Vama with Sara and Vali to pick up her packages.  I had been expecting a package from home.  In RO they send a slip to your house when the package is ready to be picked up.  I did NOT have a slip yet when I went to the Vama.  As Sara was retrieving her packages I asked Vali to check to see if mine came.  To my good fortune it came in just hours to us being there.  How lucky!! So I took pictures of my first package in RO.  Sara and I left the Vama on a ridiculous high.  Nothing could stop our smiling faces.  In the car back to school I ate a mini Baby Ruth.  This was complete satisfaction.

The contents of my package. No sense on organizing yet, just look and smell the greatness!

My first package from home! It took 12 days, so plan on 2 weeks.

The rest of the evening consisted of grocery shopping for the food we needed for the festivities tomorrow.  After grocery shopping we went to my counterparts house and cooked some pancakes and pudding.  The American food for Zilele Dumbravita will have pancakes American style and Dirt Pies.  We decided when we were cooking that not one of us had a niche in the culinary world.  I was really good at snooping to find things to cook with, and could tell Lavi where things were in her own house.  Sara is great at following recipes and cooking a pancake to the perfect golden brown shade.  Lavi made some delicious pudding and kept us with the dishes.  All and all we decided this should be an ongoing event.

I didn’t return home all day until 11:00 PM.  I have to get through 3 locks before my house.  I was carrying all my belongings a large box.  This is not the recipe for quiet or slyness. My Landlord came out to see what all the commotion was.  I tried to explain that I received a package from American and right then and there she forgave me.  I can only be loud and clumsy when I have sweet things to show her.  So bring on the packages, so I can charm my LL a little more.   Home sweet home. Bed oh sweet bed.

Some flowers I received on the first day of school. Flowers for good events come in odd numbers.

So when PST was over Group 27 decided to draw names for secret letter senders. It is what we call snail mail. This was my first secret letter. The rules are one letter per month and try not to give yourself away. It was appropriately my first letter in the mail.

These are my favorite roses. A little boy came up to me as I was sitting in the panel and handed these to me. He looked so nervous and excited to be the first one. This is customary for the first day of school. Many students bring chocolates or flowers.