I made it to PST (Pre-Service Training)!  Chicago was filled with lots of information about the Peace Corps and it was the first time meeting other Peace Corps Invitees.  All 45 of us made our way to Bucharest and onto the trainging site a couple of days ago. We stayed a hotel for the first two nights and attended meetings and information sessions.  Everyone was pretty exhausted, but it was so exciting.

The city

I met my Gadza yesterday.  They are great!!!!  I have my own room with lots of space and amenities.  We spent amazing awkward moments together.  Last night I went to sleep at 6:30 pm and slept all the way to the morning. My Gadza let me be the whole time.  I love them already because they know how important sleep is to me!

Gadza Grandpa's Grave

When I left with my Gadza I hardly knew Romanian, which was awesome…not.  As of today I know enough to get me by like where is the bathroom?, I’m full (they constantly feed me…ugh), How do you say…?, and some vocab words. They (especially my Gadza sister) have spent so much time with me going around and putting Post-Its on everything in Romanian.  This was a little suggestion I learned at Staging.

Looking over the city...

Today was great! I had salami, boiled eggs, fresh tomato, cheese (4 different kinds), and bread for breakfast.  I showered with a huge ladle and pan of hot water (we don’t have hot running water) not so bad though.  We left the apartment for the Market to get flowers for the Cemetary, visited the grave-site of Gadza Grandpa, went the hyper-market (like a Jubilee/small grocery store), and wondered the neighborhood.  We returned from our walk and started lunch.  I have come to learn that every meal here has 3 to 4 courses…and many people are not overweight…I don’t get it.  We had soup…I enjoyed my first pig stomach (really wouldn’t have known the difference if I had not been told).  Following the soup was roasted chicken thigh and leg, fried potatoes, salad.  Then apricots with coffee.  Ugh I was ready to burst!  Meanwhile the whole time I had me dictionary with me as I pointed at something Gadza would say it, I would make a Post-It.  This place is going to be littered with vocab!  After lunch people just kept coming over! I think I’m being shown off!  I attempted to use my Romanian to greet the newcomers, but I failed.  Oh and the kissing on both cheeks gets me every time.  I go the wrong way…the whole right and left will always be hard for me.  After much conversation and me smiling and nodding we left for the park.  We walk for a bit to the old center of town. So much to look at while constantly holding hands with Gsister.  The park was pretty amazing and relaxing.  After we saw everything my Gsister and her father (not apart of the Gadza) took me to see a 700 year old castle (can’t remember the name…share later). We met up at a cafe with the rest of the group afterward.  On the way back we stopped for Pizza, had a great time with the locals there trying to understand and communicate.  Strolled back, ate some pizza, laughed, tried some cherry brandy, look at photos of mine, and here I sit writing my life out.

I feel so grateful to have such as welcoming and understanding Gadza as I am their second PCT.  I look forward to the next 11 weeks with them and my time here!!!!