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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Officially One Year

January 30th, 2009 was the day I submitted my PC application. It is kind of nostalgic to think about where and what I was one year ago. Last January, I was forging through my last semester as an undergrad. To me college was an amazing time because it provided excitement, deadlines, competition, companionship, and passion. During my last semester I worked at two jobs, one as an Americorps member, moved, invested in a puppy, became a hopeful PCV, and managed to keep some sanity and relationships. Graduating in May was FREEDOM. Little did I know I would miss all of this.

Duluth and Lake Superior is one of the most amazing places to live during the summer months. The outdoor activities are endless! Even working in Canal Park as a server is fun and exciting. All of this kept me busy, but I still had thorn in my head. Especially in regards to my service, and that nagging ‘what am I going to do with the rest of my life?’ type thing. The beginning of August came upon me and still nothing from the nomination standpoint. I decided a nice getaway to a friends cabin in Wisconsin would get my mind off the future. No phone. No internet. No TV. Perfect.

I returned home with an Update! You have been nominated for YCD in Asia, Summer of 2010. This was very exciting for me because I was toying with the option of leaving Duluth and returning to Minneapolis. Decision made.

Life back at ‘home’ was very simple and none exciting. The only thing that would make my day was the updates and deadlines I imposed on myself with all the medical and legal paperwork for the PC. The work front was stagnant. Went on some interviews to find another job. Nothing felt right. Soon Christmas came and went.

Its been 42 days with no updates from Placement…But this is not worrisome to me. My internship has been taking up most of my time. I am great-full because I thrive on busyness, energy, new opportunities, and being around people. Also, taking the bus from the suburbs (The suburbs are a whole post in-of-itself) to Downtown, then onto Uptown has definitely been a love/hate relationship. And if you have been watching the temps up here in MN, it’s FREEZING!

So, as I look to where I will be in one year from now I hope I will be somewhere that is not here in MN.

Book of the week: Deepak Chopra-The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

First of many

Hello! This is my first blog about my journey of joining the Peace Corps. I am in the final stages waiting ever so patiently for my invite (Yea Right!). Every morning I check my email for the every so lovely ‘Peace Corps: Application Status Update’. It has been since December 19, 2009 since I last heard anything. So as I sit here and type my first blog (ever), I can picture my file is sitting on the PO’s desk with all my info spread array. Most of all I am hoping and waiting my invite!

In the mean time, I recently landed an internship working at a non-profit called Project Legos.. This will be a great opportunity for me to build my skill set and advance my knowledge of working with youth. Legos provides a great atmosphere I have been lacking since I graduated back in May. Working full time in a restaurant does not provide any intellectual stimulation. So, I hope this new opportunity will be very beneficial for my service and fulfill my need to be apart of a greater good.

I will update soon!

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